by Jeremy O’Carroll

There are three levels in Pellowah: 1, 2 and 3.

Unlike Reiki, there is no Master Level, although level 3 is what many people would consider the equivalent.

That said, Kachina, the founder of Pellowah, prefers not to use grandiose titles (‘Reiki Master’ makes one think of a great spiritual master – which is typically not the case!). Since learning is ongoing, it’s generally not going to be accurate to call yourself a master – at least not of a spiritual discipline.

In fairness to Reiki, the term for ‘Master Level’ in Japanese (‘Shinpiden’) actually translates as ‘mystery teachings’ – which is something quite different!

Also, Usui (Reiki’s founder) originally saw practitioners as moving through five levels, from 5 to 1 (the top level) – and he saw himself as a level 2! So if not even the founder claimed Reiki mastery, then it is almost certainly a bit absurd for anyone else to do so.

Where Pellowah is concerned, I’m sure Kachina would see herself more as the person who channeled it in, rather than a master of it. She may be the world’s number 1 practitioner, but she would be the first to say that Pellowah is constantly evolving and she is learning along the way.

How the Three Levels Work

Level 1 is the practitioner level.

In other words, level 1 is designed to teach people how to use Pellowah healing for healing purposes.

At the end of the course, you will be able to give great Pellowah sessions.

You don’t have to train for long periods of time to be any good. You are good right away.

That is the beauty of the attunement process. When you get attuned to Pellowah you can immediately use it to heal others.

Level 2 is designed to help expand awareness.

This, you may recall, was actually the original purpose of Pellowah. After the course, you will typically find all of your spiritual endeavours rising to new levels and many other positive shifts taking place in your daily life.

The course culminates in a meditation that helps connect you to your Higher Self – so in many ways this is the ultimate purpose of level 2: to reconnect you more fully with the radiant being you truly are.

Level 3 is the teacher level. Apart from continuing to help you expand your awareness, its other key purpose is that it will enable you to teach others level 1 and 2 Pellowah.

At the moment, only Kachina teaches level 3. She doesn’t discount the possibility, however, that at some future point she will channel in a level 4 which will enable people besides her to train students in the first three levels. Level 4 may also, potentially, show students how to heal themselves with Pellowah energy. At the moment, though, level 4 is just a possibility. It may, or may not, ever come.

All attunements for all three levels will help raise your consciousness and, interestingly, you do not need to wait any length of time between the levels. If you wished, you could even do them all in consecutive days.

That said, as with all these things, it is typically best to let your intuition guide you regarding the spacing between the levels.

Also, it is my belief that you would generally get more from level 3 if you have had a period of time to practise Pellowah after attending your level 2 course. Just how long you wish to wait between courses, however, is totally up to you, and the ideal gap will vary from person to person.

The Structure of Pellowah Courses

Pellowah courses revolve around the attunements. For the attunements to have maximum effect, however, students need to be in the right energetic space. As a result, all courses have a very tight structure, involving many essential steps that systematically prepare students for the attunements.

Level 2 is perhaps the most structured of all the levels, and students work first with the Pellowah symbols and then several key meditations to prepare for the attunements and, ultimately, the Higher Self meditation.

The Power of Pellowah Attunements

Many people who attend Pellowah courses do so without ever thinking of using Pellowah for healing.

They attend courses principally for the attunements and the rise in awareness that results from them.

According to conventional theory, a Pellowah level 1 attunement is 10 times as strong as a Pellowah healing session.

A Pellowah Level 2 attunement is 10 times as strong as a level 1 attunement.

Now, I personally don’t take this to the letter; but I do see it as indicative of a general truth that the attunements ultimately create a good deal more shifts than the healing sessions (as powerful as they are!).

That said, you will not physically experience the attunements many many times more powerfully than a healing session. Energy works on many levels, so if healing is taking place on a mental / emotional level then it may be profound without being physically felt.

Ultimately, the proof will be in the results and students typically find they go through exciting shifts in the days, weeks and months following the attunements.


Each Pellowah level will help you to experience the world in a new way.

Sometimes the shifts will be subtle and only understood retrospectively (e.g. you notice one day after three months that you are not bothered nearly as much by the ‘little things’ in life).

Sometimes shifts will be immediately noticeable.

In either case, Pellowah will definitely make a long term difference in your life.

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