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Jeremy O’Carroll

Founder, Co-director of Australian Pellowah Centre


About us

Before founding his healing and meditation centres, Jeremy spent many years travelling through Europe, South East Asia and the Sub Continent.

In total, he has visited over 25 countries, all of which taught him something in his quest to understand more about human nature.

Jeremy has gained invaluable experience as a teacher, first at the University of Melbourne, where he both tutored and lectured, then around Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand where he trained teachers in the Fitzroy Method of learning English.

For the past 17 years his primary focus has been first on spiritual development, and he has built a reputation for bringing clarity, logic and intuition to teachings that often gets trapped in unsubstantiated theory and dogma.

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The Melbourne Pellowah Centre was founded by Jeremy O’Carroll.

Jeremy is a Level 3 Pellowah practitioner who has trained directly with Kachina Ma’an the creator of Pellowah. He is a hugely experienced meditator and energy worker, and the founder of several major healing centres (including the Om Meditation and Reiki Centres and the Light Dynamics Centre).

Jeremy has almost 25 years of daily meditation experience, is the one of the countries most respected Reiki teachers, and is the author of the novel ‚Full Speed‘ - a story about finding your passions is life and having the courage to live them.

He has studied meditation and healing in India, Nepal, Thailand, Australia and the United States of America and has learned from many famous teachers, including, the Dalai Lama (in India), William Lee Rand (in the USA), and Phrakru Bhavanavirach (in Thailand).

He has also created his own meditation system (Core / Body / Mind Meditation), and a new meditation method - Thinking Meditation - that allows you to work with the natural movement of the mind (i.e. thoughts) rather than against them.


Our centre is dedicated to offering expert Pellowah training that is clear, easy-to-apply and full of practical techniques and exercises. We offer extensive post-course follow-up to make sure students consolidate and master everything they learn, and have a large healing network to inspire and help you make likeminded friends.

For any questions, please contact us on 1300 853 356 or write to info@pellowah.net.au.

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