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Expand Your Healing Ability (And Reiki!)

Melbourne Pellowah Energy Healing Courses

Pellowah and Reiki Course Teacher Jeremy O'Carroll

Centre Founder
Jeremy O'Carroll

(Note: Our Reiki Classes Are Still Running)

Have you been looking to get something more from your healing? Or perhaps you haven't started healing yet, but know deep down you're a natural healer. If so, then Pellowah healing is for you.

Pellowah is an extremely high-vibrational healing method that works on the mind and spirit to create deep and long-lasting healing.

By focusing on the root cause of issues – rather than their symptoms – Pellowah may even have success healing emotional and physical issues that other healing systems struggle with.

Pellowah works first on the auric field then on the physical body. It unblocks and realigns the meridians (i.e. energy channels) within the body, dissolves negative energy, strengthens and heals the chakras, and helps people connect more fully to their intuition and True Self.

Like Reiki healing, Pellowah is easy to learn and can be used to great effect immediately after a course.

Pellowah has three levels: level 1, 2 & 3 and we teach the first two levels over a single weekend.

Our level 1 course is known as the 'practitioner' level and, at its conclusion, you will:

  • Pellowah Healing E-BookKnow how to use Pellowah energy to heal other people's emotional and physical issues
  • Have learned a light meditation for strengthening your connection to Spirit (Source)
  • Have strengthened your chakras with a unique and powerful chakra meditation
  • Understand how to heal intuitively using high-vibrational energy.
  • Know how to conduct both a private and professional Pellowah healing session.
  • Know how to do Pellowah healing on plants and animals
  • Understand the essential Pellowah Do's and Don'ts.
  • Know how to use Pellowah for distance healing (anywhere on the planet!)
  • Have practiced healing others (and be confident at it!)

Our level 2 course is designed to 'expand consciousness'. At its conclusion you will have:

  • Further developed your intuitive healing abilities
  • Learned a powerful technique for connecting you to your Higher Self
  • Learned how to connect to your innate healing abilities to channel in a multitude of unique healing energies!
  • Learned about the 'merkabah' (light body) and practised a meditation to connect you to it.
  • Discovered a simple one-minute technique for harmonizing mind, body and spirit.
  • Balanced and strengthened your chakras
  • Discovered and practiced seven potent Pellowah symbols for opening the auric field (while still keeping it protected), neutralizing negative energy, harmonizing physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, healing and strengthening the chakras, increasing energy and vitality, activating the 'light body' and expanding the aura to speed up evolution and change.

The level 1 & 2 courses are fun, relaxed, highly experiential and a great alternative to anyone considering taking a Reiki healing course and the like. By its conclusion, all students will feel confident in using Pellowah energy for healing.

New Three-Day Online/In-Person Reiki Classes

Unfortunately, with the current lockdown in place, no one in Melbourne will be conducting regular Pellowah classes anytime soon. What's more, no online class is recognised by Kachina Ma'an, the founder of Pellowah. So if you ultimately want to work with Pellowah (or even just have that option), then pure online Pellowah classes won't work for you.

That said, while pre-recorded, video Pellowah classes only have limited benefit, live online classes can work well. In fact, they can be a powerful and transformative experience.

So what we have decided to do for the COVID-19 lockdown period is combine two full days of online training with an intensive 10-hour in-person training in December (See details below).

That way, you can learn te work with high-vibrational energy right away. You can experience its benefits at a time when it is deeply needed, but you will also, later on, get the in-depth, in-person training that is critical not onlyl for anchoring Pellowah deep in your being. but also for getting the qualifications that may be useful later on in your healing journey.


Upcoming Pellowah Courses

Fitzroy Nth Level 1+2
Oct. 3-4 (online)
+ Dec. 12 (in person)

(Investment: $430)
Pellowah Course Enrol Now Button
Fitzroy Nth, Oct. 3-4 + Dec. 12
(3 X $143.33 Monthly Instalments)
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More Information About Our Pellowah Courses

Why Our New Hybrid Online/In-Person Courses Will Be Our Most Powerful Ever

All of our current courses have an online (Zoom) component, and an in-person one. In person, we will cover everything we normally would except for some of the theory, so you won’t miss out on any of the hands-on practice. Yes, it’s going to be a big day (10+ hours). But that means we get to build up more energetic momentum, and as a result, have bigger breakthroughs.

That said, while you still get the hands-on experience, the value of the online component should not be underestimated. Why? Because it will force us to stretch and grow spiritually, to take our healing to its logical next level.

Pellowah is well-known for its distance healing, and everyone who has ever practiced it knows it works well. So we are simply using the ability of energy to cross time and space to our advantage – and gaining confidence in this will be hugely valuable.

Interestingly, if we look at things from a deeper spiritual perspective, we can even go one step further. Here distance healing / energy work is not so much about bridging space, but rather helping us to feel our oneness with everyone and everything. It is from within this space of oneness that healing then takes place.

So learning to connect energetically and heal from a distance is really, in many ways, getting to the essence of Pellowah.

What’s more, while normal Zoom classes may be tough (lots of screen time, etc.), a healing course is different. Sure, we will be discussing ideas and learning the mechanics of new techniques, but much of the time we will be meditating and doing healing work, and that means we won’t be staring at the screen. So you’ll find it will be a lot easier than you think.

Ultimately, you are going to get an extra 10+ hours of instruction (compared to a regular course), and that, too, can only deepen your understanding of everything you learn at the course.

Pellowah Goes High Tech with Our State-of-the-Art Aura Machine

Our Pellowah courses all use the most advanced (and expensive!) aura camera that we know of to provide a deeper understanding and analysis of all students’ energy data.

Aura imageThe aura camera gathers information on your:

  • Auric field
  • 7 chakras
  • Yin/yang balance
  • Mind/body/spirit balance
  • Emotional/energetic calmness,
  • Energy levels and
  • Relaxation levels

It then summarizes your basic energy type and gives you a 14-page written analysis of your strengths, challenges and opportunities.

This aura reading is included free with the course.


The Comprehensive Pellowah Course

One of the major reasons Pellowah students of some courses might fail to continue with their practice in the years following a course is that they are given little - or no! - structure or guidance after it.

As a result, their Pellowah can become a little like most gym memberships: it's used and enjoyed for a short burst of time but is then forgotten about the moment life grows busy.

To ensure students get consistent, long-term benefits from their course, the Melbourne Pellowah Centre is dedicated to supporting students well beyond its conclusion. In fact, it even offers pre-course material to energetically prepare students for the weekend. (See below for more info.)

Pellowah and Crystals

Ametrine CrystalWhile not part of the traditional Pellowah healing system, crystals can nevertheless be used to complement (and strengthen) it.

During our Level 1 & 2 Pellowah courses, we have a large selection of crystals which you can use throughout the weekend, and we will let you know which crystals will be most useful to you based on your energetic strengths and weaknesses.

Melbourne Pellowah Pre and post-Course Program

While most spiritual healing courses offer little more than the course proper, the Melbourne Pellowah centre has a pre and post-course program to ensure you first get the most from the weekend of the course and, second, consolidate and master everything that you learned during it.

The pre-course work is simple to do, and simply involves watching a general video about preparing for the weekend and a single important meditation practice (with video instructions and downloadable audio files) that will help you to be energetically sensitive and ready for everything you will learn.

The meditation can easily be done by anyone – even students who haven't practised meditation before – and it will help clear your meridians (energy channels) and charge your energy field.

The post-course 21-day program is done principally via email, and involves us sending you emails over a three week period with techniques to practice, and further information to deepen everything you have learned.

With ten years of energy work teaching experience, the course director Jeremy O'Carroll knows the likely challenges you will face post-course, and this 21-day program is designed to not just help you overcome these but also develop real confidence in everything you have learned.

Melbourne Pellowah Video PortalPellowah Video Portal Image

Although you sometimes see healing courses being taught online, the truth is that for almost all of them (Pellowah included) do need to learn it in person (surprise, surprise!).

That said, there is no doubt that once you have attended a course, online video support can help a lot.

To make sure students can both remember and go over material taught (and, quite often, even extend it!), we have developed a beautifully presented and detailed Level 1 video portal which you can access on both your desktop and mobile devices.

The video portal includes instructional videos (and downloadable audio files) on pre-course work, post-course work, as well as all typical challenges students are likely to encounter.

It is a unique feature of our courses that helps take your Pellowah to a deeper level.

To get an idea of how our video portals work, you can sign up for our free introductory portal called – you guessed it! – the 'Understanding Pellowah Portal'.

It has videos on all of the commonly asked Pellowah questions, and will show you the quality of our video portal platforms.

Reiki Video Portal ImageTo sign up, click here.

(Note: None of the videos shown in the Level 1 & 2 portal are found in this introductory portal).

Post-Course Phone and Email Support

Sometimes you have a unique question/situation that isn't covered in any of our teaching materials. If this is the case, then we're happy to answer your questions – no matter how silly or weird you think they might be!– via email or phone.

Simply call us on 1300 853 356, or write to us at

The Amazing Power of Pellowah

To give you an idea of just how powerful Pellowah is - and how quickly it can work - watch the 4-minute video below.

Using the centre's high-tech aura machine, the video shows what happens when the founder of the Melbourne Pellowah Centre - Jeremy O'Carroll - heals a client.

Note how in less than four minutes, the client's chakras and energy system improve dramatically. (Watch through to the end for something incredible!)


Reiki Healing and Pellowah

spiritual healing expansion with PellowahPellowah is a stand-alone healing system, so you don't need to have learned Reiki healing before studying it.

That said, many Reiki students learn Pellowah, and almost all of them report that their Reiki healing ability noticeably improves after studying Pellowah (click here to read student testimonials). This is because Pellowah helps develop your innate healing abilities, something that heightens your ability to channel energy of all varieties, including Reiki.

Interestingly, although Pellowah is a higher healing vibration than Reiki, it is actually simpler to learn - even for people who have never practised any energy healing or meditation before.

Like Reiki, Pellowah uses attunements to immediately connect students to its high-vibrational energy but, unlike Reiki, there are no hand positions to learn. Instead, Pellowah teaches healers to connect to their intuition (something that is remarkably simple) and flow with their inner guidance.

As a result, practising Pellowah feels almost effortless - and totally natural. Since no physical touch is involved, a practitioner's hands are free to glide through the auric field in what many describe as a 'healing dance'.

What's more, since Pellowah is non-touch, it is ideal in situations (like in many hospitals or when working with children) where touch would be inappropriate.

Spiritual Healing Directly from Source

Although some people define Pellowah as 'spiritual healing', it does not involve the use of guides, angels, ascended masters or the like. Rather, Pellowah healing teaches students to tap directly into Source and draw energy from there.

As a result, there are no intermediaries between you and the energy you connect to. Rather, it is simply a pure, direct experience of an extremely high-vibrational healing energy. This means that you will never rely on anyone or anything (other than yourself) to have Pellowah healing success. It also means that Pellowah healing is a great fit for anyone, regardless of their spiritual / religious beliefs. In fact, Pellowah almost always deepens your connection to whatever spiritual practices you currently have.

To find out more about how Pellowah healing works and what it can do for you, have a look at the Pellowah articles section on this website.

To find out more about our Melbourne courses (and course dates), keep reading or visit the Pellowah homepage.

Understanding Pellowah Video Portal

Pellowah Video Portal

Since Pellowah is relatively unknown, Jeremy O'Carroll has created a video portal with videos on all the commonly asked Pellowah questions. So if you'd like to gain a deep understanding of what Pellowah is and what it can do for you (and how it differs from other healing modalities such as Reiki healing), click here and sign up for the free portal.

All videos are short, clear and designed to give you maximum information in minimum time.

(Note: if you already have a video portal account for any of Jeremy's other courses, you can add the Pellowah with a simple click of a button :))

Sign up for the Understanding Pellowah Video Portal

Course Instructors

Jeremy O'Carroll

Jeremy O'Carroll is the founder and director of several well-known spiritual centres, including the Om Reiki and Meditation Centres (in Melbourne and Daylesford). A hugely experienced teacher, he has been on the spiritual path for the past 22 years and has studied meditation and energy work in India, Thailand, Nepal, the USA and Australia from many world famous teachers. He has learned Pellowah directly from the founder of the system Kachina Ma'an and is in regular contact with her.

Jeremy originally comes from a background in education and he prides himself on being able to explain even complex subjects in clear and precise ways. While constantly travelling beyond the realm of reason in his practice, he believes that teachers also need to be able to give explanations of 'spiritual' matters that satisfy the mind.

As such, his energy healing courses are full of both practical exercises that expand consciousness and improve healing, and precise and easy-to-follow theory that helps students gain a clear grasp of what it is they doing and how they can get the most out of their practice.

This combination of hands-on exercises and down-to-earth explanations greatly speeds up the time it takes to master even complex topics such as vibrational healing, chakra healing and the like.

Ultimately, by drawing both on lessons taught to him by his much-respected teachers and personal experience, practice and introspection, he is regularly able to give students new insights into their spiritual practice.

Greg Riddell

Greg RiddellGreg has been the Melbourne Pellowah Centre's chief healer since 2013. He has both studied with - and continues to stay in close contact with - Kachina Maan, the founder of Pellowah.

He lives and breathes healing and meditation work, has a vast amount of experience, and is much loved both for the clarity of his teaching, and his ability to cultivate the unique healing potential each student possesses.

Materials Provided

All students will receive:

  • Level 1 & 2 certification
  • Level 1 & level 2 manual
  • Registration as a Pellowah practitioner with Kachina Ma'an (founder of Pellowah)
  • 21-day post-course e-course
  • Membership to Pellowah video and articles portal (with downloadable meditations and information)
  • Nibbles and herbal teas

Why Learn Pellowah in Daylesford?

Held at the picturesque Boomerang Holiday Ranch in Daylesford, you will be close to nature and charged by the natural high energy of this healing town.

So it is perfect for anyone who is highly sensitive to their environment or struggles to relax and calm down.

By taking you out of your usual environment, our tranquil centre makes it easy to create the mental and emotional space that helps you absorb the teachings and energy of the course.

Free Daylesford Accommodation

For anyone who needs it, we have free accommodation available (on request) at the Boomerang Holiday Ranch for our Aug. 15-16 Pellowah course. Accommodation is a single room with a shared bathroom. Please contact us to find out more.

Oct. 3-4 Pellowah 1 & 2 Course, Melbourne (2020)

Pellowah Level 1 & 2
Dates: Oct. 3-4 (online)
+ Dec. 12 (in person)
Instructor: Jeremy O'Carroll

Venue: 597 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North.
Schedule: 9:00 am - 5.30 pm both days online + 9am - 7pm in person
Investment: $430

Pellowah Course Enrol Now Button
2 Monthly Instalments
(2 X $215 = $430)
Pellowah Course 2 Payments Button
2 Monthly Instalments
(3 X $143.33)
3 Reiki Payments

Pellowah Courses Refund Policy

Although we offer a full-refund satisfaction guarantee for those who attend our Pellowah course, we do not offer a refund if you change your mind about our course without attending it. If you give us ten days' notice, however, we will be happy to alter the date of your course.

If you wish to change dates between 10-4 days before the course, you will be charged a $100 change-of-date fee.

We cannot change the date of the course if we are given 3 or less days.

So if you decide to enrol, commit to coming, be there rain, hail or shine. There is great power in that, and it will ensure you have an amazing experience.

Remember: after enrolling, doubts sometimes come up. This is normal. Your ego - your small self - is not just afraid of change, it knows that Pellowah will create change! It knows how powerful it is. So if your ego resists, laugh at it and trust the intuition, the inner guidance or inspiration that had you enrol in the first place. It will never fail you.

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