PELLOWAH Spiritual Course

A Spiritual Course for Healers in Melbourne, Victoria (Both Experienced and New)

If you're on the lookout for spiritual courses in Melbourne or are considering a path as a spiritual healer while living in Victoria, then you know there is no shortage of options.


Pranic Healing.

Quantum touch.

Theta Healing.

There is a lot to choose from.

But for those seeking a truly transformative experience, Pellowah may well be a standout.

In fact, it will not just teach you how to heal others, it will also be a journey into expanding your consciousness, something that will have profound effect on how you heal and live.

Pellowah: An Overview

Pellowah is this energetic tune-up for your soul.

It's a simple, yet powerful form of spiritual healing that boosts your personal development and improves all of the healing work you do (not just Pellowah).

So it's not just about learning to heal others; it's as much about healing yourself and growing on your spiritual journey.

The Essence of Pellowah Spiritual Courses

When you dive into Pellowah through one of our Level 1 & 2 spiritual courses, you'll experience the following:

  • Clarity and Direction: Ever felt like you're walking through a fog in life? Pellowah can be like a gust of wind that clears it away, giving you a new sense of direction.
  • Emotional Unloading: Say goodbye to the emotional baggage that's been weighing you down. Pellowah has a way of helping you let go of the past and move forward.
  • Elevated Vitality: It's like plugging into a spiritual socket and charging up. Pellowah can leave you buzzing with a newfound energy.
  • Enhanced Intuition: Imagine being more in tune with your gut feelings. That's your intuition, and Pellowah turns the volume up.
  • A Broader Healing Range: As a spiritual healer in Melbourne, Pellowah adds an extra layer to your abilities. You'll be equipped to tackle a wider range of issues that clients bring to your doorstep, and often find you can shift even chronic issues.

Pellowah for the Spiritual Healer

If you are looking for a spiritual healer in Melbourne, Victoria, then the ultra-high vibe Pellowah healing energy is something of a secret weapon.

It slots in perfectly with other healing methods like Reiki, enhancing your healing touch and expanding the range of energy you can work with. So it's not about replacing what you already know—it's about enhancing it.

How Pellowah Works

Pellowah's beauty lies in its approach. It starts with the aura—the energy field around you—and works its way down, aligning mind and spirit in a way that can sort out all kinds of issues, from the mental fuzziness, to emotional imbalances to what many practitioners and clients claim are issues of a more physical variety.

(Note that for legal reasons, we can’t claim anything here related to physical healing, but we recommend you ask around or do some research into Pellowah and physical healing. Certainly, our experience is that it can do great things. But, as said, we can’t legally make any promises!).

Butterfly Mandala for Melbourne for Pellowah and Reiki courses

What Makes Pellowah Stand Out?

If you’re looking to take a spiritual healer course in Melbourne, Pellowah might stand out for a few reasons:

The aura camera gathers information on your:

  • It's simple to learn, with no need for extensive background knowledge or experience
  • It’s 100% intuitive – so no need to learn loads of healing positions, theory and the like
  • It works exclusively on the auric field (so it creates shifts on a spiritual level that then flow down to the material realm)
  • The effects can be felt immediately, and they keep unfolding over time.
  • It connects you to your Higher Self
  • It helps you find clarity
  • It removes blocks so it becomes easier to do the things you have always wanted to do, but keep putting off!

So Where to Now?

Whether you're after personal growth, looking to expand your capabilities as a spiritual healer, or both, Pellowah is worth exploring. It's straightforward, impactful, and it could be the thing that lights up your path to spiritual and personal fulfillment. We offer to create spiritual healers with our spiritual courses in all of Victoria including Melbourne.

To find out all specifics, visit our Pellowah Levels 1 & 2 course page.

Or, if you have questions, write to or call 0417 328 457.