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Pellowah is a system for channeling spiritual healer energy and expanding consciousness.

A high-vibrational alternative to Reiki healing and the like, it helps to connect all 12 DNA strands, thus enabling students to tap into more of their true being.

It is easy to learn (it takes a single weekend) and can create powerful inner change and healing in very short spaces of time.

Pellowah is similar to other healing spiritual healing methods - like Reiki healing - in that it allows students to channel energy directly from Source to heal others.

Since it uses an extremely high vibrational energy frequency, it can often be effective even where other methods fail.

It is therefore ideal for anyone who has been working with energy, but would like to get results in areas they have been struggling with.

It is also perfect for people with no energy work experience, since students get connected to Pellowah energy through an ‚attunement‘ process (literally, they are tuned-in to Pellowah energy, like you might turn the dial of radio to receive a certain station or frequency).

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Why Study Pellowah?

Many people find that while healing methods like Reiki are extremely effective for both physical and acute physical / health issues, Pellowah can make more rapid shifts for chronic, or long-term conditions.

The reason for this is that Pellowah works principally on the mind / spirit of a person, rather than the body. It works from the top down, curing the root cause of issues - something that may lead to an improvement in associated physical conditions.

Actually, Pellowah works wonderfully for anyone who already trains in energy work like Reiki, Qigong, Shiatsu, prana healing and the like, because it enables them to tap into a wider range of energy frequencies. Since different frequencies work better for different conditions, learning Pellowah will immediately improve your ability to heal a greater variety of conditions and issues.

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Benefits of Learning Pellowah

Students of Pellowah not only find that they have an extremely powerful spiritual healing tool at their disposal, they consistently also find that they experience huge positive shifts in their life. Typically, students gain greater clarity about what their Higher Purpose is in life - and they often experience a kind of spiritual ‚epiphany‘ due to the incredible power of the Pellowah energy.

Pellowah works to connect all 12 DNA strands, thus enabling students to access parts of their being that had previously remained ‚untapped‘.

Many students of Reiki and the like find that Pellowah also improves their traditional healing work.

As with many things, the benefits are two-way: Pellowah improves Reiki healing and Reiki improves Pellowah. The same for spiritual healing and other healing methods.

Our Pellowah spiritual courses in Melbourne and Brisbane also teach meditations that help students connect to energy and be a spiritual healer on a new, higher level (e.g. chakra and merkabah meditations).

These meditations also typically improve one’s intuition. To find out more information on learning Pellowah, please visit our Melbourne Pellowah and Brisbane Pellowah course pages.

To learn more about how Pellowah works and it differs from other spiritual healing methods, check out our Pellowah articles section.

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Pellowah and Reiki Healing

Pellowah was originally created in 2002 to help a small group of Reiki Masters increase the speed of their spiritual development. They all loved Reiki, but wanted a way to expand their awareness at a greater rate. It was with this in mind that Pellowah was first channeled in.

Somewhat surprisingly, Pellowah not only helped these practitioners improve the range of issues they could heal, it also helped them take their Reiki to the next level! As a result, a number of Reiki practitioners now study Pellowah simply to improve their Reiki.

The Australian Pellowah Centre is associated with the Om Reiki Centre - both being founded by Jeremy O’Carroll, a Reiki Master of many different Reiki traditions (traditional Japanese Usui Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Karuna Reiki and traditional Western Reiki).

He is the author of the best-selling Reiki book 'The Perfect Reiki Course – Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Class), and three inspirational novels 'Full Speed', 'The Call of the Silver Cockatoo' (to be released in October) and 'The Slob's Guide to the Perfect Job'.

He is a vastly experienced Pellowah 3 practitioner and a much-respected meditation teacher. Jeremy O’Carroll has worked as a full-time healer for the past 15 years and is an expert at showing people how Pellowah and Reiki can be used together to create amazing results.

He has had great success at helping both long time healers take the next step in their spiritual journey, and guiding beginners to discover new depths to their being.

He can be contacted on 1300 853 356 and would love to tell you more about how Pellowah and Reiki differ and how they can be of service to you.

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