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Pellowah Courses

Our Pellowah courses are fun, powerful and deeply transformative.

Learn to heal others and expand your awarenesss in a single weekend. Gain clarity on important life decisions.

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"I had an amazing weekend, the second day especially exceeded my expectations. I don't know if it was a specific thing or combination of the treatment, attunements etc but I had such an awakening by the end of the day. My perception literally changed (detail, colours were stronger), I felt completely in the present moment and totally in love with everything!! I am so very excited to consider the possibility of creating shifts like that for others."

(Elyse Walker)

"Upon completion of the Pellowah course with Jeremy, my outlook immediately became very optimistic (I had heard this was a common result but I admit I was sceptical). Many of the issues and negative emotions that had been plaguing me for many years, left almost immediately at the end of the course weekend and have not returned. I found and continue to find myself looking at things in a completely different light, and my reactions and emotions about certain issues have changed.  As a result virtually every aspect of my life has been positively affected.

"I felt the energy of Pellowah to be both gentle and soft yet extremely powerful. I had some major shifts during the course that I have not experienced with other types of healing. I am a Reiki Master and Yoga and Meditation teacher and am very excited to now use my new Pellowah skills in my healings. I am enthusiastic about the benefits of Pellowah Healing and would highly recommend anyone to do the course, it is not only enjoyable but the feeling and effects from the course will stay with you long after its over. Pellowah is known to offer long lasting effects that actually deepen and strengthen over time and I have certainly found this to be the case." 

(Heidi Jahn)

"I came with an open mind eager to discover all the new experiences that the course would offer. As far as the healing I learned I found it is highly effective and rewarding and will definitely become one of my every day tools. The meditations and attunements moreover provided me with a very unique experience thanks to which I expanded my awareness in a very short time (just a couple of minutes!!). Immediately after the attunement I entered a very peaceful and deep meditation and days later I found that I reached a new degree of wisdom and intuitive thought, discerning between the important and lesser important things; I see life from a renewed point of view! Overall I realise the course gave me much more than I could have expected or imagined!"

(Sonia Marian)

"I feel the Pellowah energy is very different from Reiki it seems to be a lighter energy but extremely powerful and fluid. I feel that the energies do compliment each other, something you notice more when you come to do your next Reiki session after the course.

"I found that the heightened awareness tends to grow deeper...Still finding the depths that are opening up since the course."

(Dianne Sellers)

"The feeling is different to Reiki. Its really nice to recieve a treatment. Seems to have a deeply relaxing effect and the energy can really be felt it a powerful way all over. Hard to describe in words.

"Giving a treatment is equally interesting. The Energy is very fluid and moves you in directions, if you let it. Very nice, strong feeling of the energy can be felt."

(Terence Costello)

"I like that Pellowah energy is more free than Reiki, guiding my hands completely, letting them effortlessly flow above the body and do all the work for me. It feels like my hands are being pulled by an invisible magnet, sliding on the surface of some layers or circling in is just fascinating. After the course my feeling of energy intensified and my perception of energy is somehow shifting from 2D to 3D.

"What I particularly liked about your teaching was that you encouraged us to think and to experiment. I also appreciate that we got a thorough manual, so we could pay full attention and were not distracted by taking notes. The same applies to the follow-up e-course. After a course I am keen to practice and this gives me guidance. The “energy perspective” of everything, discussed during the course and then in e-course, was new and fascinating to me, it is something I keep thinking about and feel like exploring more. "

(Irena Novotny)

"Whilst reiki focuses more on specific areas or chakras, pellowah is much greater in scope and breadth and, whilst offerring a subtler healing, it offers a more holistic modality.

"I would recommend this course to others as a way of both broadening and deepening their own sense of wellbeing as well as being able to offer others an ability to become more balance, integrated and in tune with their higher self."

(Dave Clark)

"Pellowah has given me another option to offer clients in terms of healing and I like how it helps expand consciousness which is a different outcome compared to Reiki.

"I think it's a great a course and in two days you cover both Level One and Two of Pellowah. Having done Reiki was of real benefit as I am very comfortable working with clients therefore this has been a natural extension of my healing capabilities. I'm really looking forward to seeing the positive changes Pellowah will bring into the lives of my clients."

(Michelle Sinclair)

"When I first was introduced to the course I did not know what to expect, but after experiencing a blissful treatment I was very pleased with the course. You can feel the full effects of comfort and ease straight away as well as the feelings of deep relaxation.

"Pellowah works on a different spectrum to Reiki and feels profoundly soothing. You can certainly feel the effects and pick up the different flows of energy effortlessly and it has such a big impact on the healing of emotional issues and wellbeing and lasting stress relief."

(Chris Rice)

"I didn't really have any expectations for it, other than perhaps it wasn't really necessary as I was very happy with other energetic healing energy and my reiki practice, but I came with an open mind to see what it was about, the fact that we are pioneers held some appeal, and I did feel it could give me an edge just with having another tool at my disposal. I wasn't expecting the experience I had, which was to be blown away! by the difference in energy. I absolutely loved it!"

(Louise Corchado)

"It feels like Pellowah works in a different way to Reiki & Light Dynamics. It felt like the Pellowah energy was working through my "stuff" on a more spiritual/karmic and emotional level, rather than on a physical level.  I could also feel the energy more so than Light Dynamics.  A few days post course, it feels as though the Pellowah energy is coming in & staying, unlike Reiki & Light Dynamics where it comes & goes according to the energy being called in.  I've also had some interesting (good) results pop up in my life in just the few days since I took the P course! Would definitely recommend it to others."

(Emma Thomason-Morris)

"You will become a better, higher version of 'you' through doing it.!"

(Jacqui Calvert)

"In some ways the Pellowah energy felt harsher & in some instances it felt subtler/softer than reiki energy. I sensed a bit of both with it when on the receiving end. Giving it, I felt it was much stronger again in the hands than Reiki feels. I also felt it hung around longer & my intuition guided me faster than reiki energy does."

(Suzie Pentseris)

"I’m not familiar with the Reiki healing from a Practitioners point of view, but from experience as a client Pellowah is very different, the energy is much more intense even during the first session. I would recommend the course to others because it opens a great portal into healing energy, results can happen instantaneously and you feel great while healing others."

(Jade Cavarra)

"I feel I have gained a greater sense of calmness and more ability to focus on the task, that is, to be patient and just let things flow."

(Julie Martin)

"Before the course began, I wasn't sure what to expect and did have my doubts as Pellowah is a fairly new healing method. Now after completing the course, I am so happy that I did take part. It has helped me in removing blockages that have kept me from having faith in myself and my own healing abilities. I really enjoyed the 2 day course and it will be an experience to remember. It has provided me with so much clarity and harmony. It has guided me finally to the place within my own being that I was finding difficulty in reaching!"

(Steffi Rupp)

"The course exceeded my expectations in the amount of what I received through Jeremy's teaching and insight.  It was a great balance of practical and theoretical application.  Jeremy has a wonderfully tactful and encouraging way of engaging with each unique individual and bringing a more earthly understanding esoteric practice.

"I feel a greater sense of expansiveness within my own abilities.  This became evident when 30 people turned up for my yoga class last night.  Its a relatively new class I've been teaching for 3 months and has been averaging 18 participants." 

(Julia Jones)

"It feels like conducting reiki with the use of crystals, but with out them. So far it also feels one is more guided to areas of importance. I also like the freestyle feeling of the sessions."

(Michael Morrow)

"I feel with Pellowah I connect to Source and am a medium of the energy and do what I am supposed to do, no guiding of my movements, no wondering why or if... I am just doing what I am supposed to do with my hands and feeling the energy in different ways. I don't have to provide high skills and comes somehow natural and basic. Which I find amazing."

(Sandra Schnupp)

"New skills are Pellowah treatments, meditation practices, and a greater connection to source. There is also a deeper understanding of energy work."

(Gregory Riddell)

"I feel my ability to connect to energies around me has been heightened.This enhanced my current healing skills as well as adding to my repertoire of modalities. I would recommend all energy healers to take the course. In fact I have already recommended it to two of my colleagues."

(Kim Ho)

"I would recommend the course to others particularly if you are a free roaming spirit who tends to go with the flow naturally. This course will match your energy signature perferctly!!"

(Kerry Jones)

"I feel I have just connected so deeply to the energy of Pellowah.  I feel very confident to use these skills in healing.  I have done Reiki 1 and 2 but have still felt I lack confidence in feeling that my ability is "good enough" to do professionally.  With Pellowah I felt straight away that I "got it". I feel Reiki is more earthy, and familiar to the general public.  Perhaps Reiki is the old generation and Pellowah is the new.  I feel a fresh pure buzz from Pellowah that feels so natural.  It really does feel like a new consciousness coming through."

(Tammy Parker)

"I want to say I really got so much out of the Pellowah course on the weekend, it was way more then I ever expected. I have so much more clarity with my life and I feel it helped me more then doing the Reiki 1 and 2 levels combined plus more heightened awareness.  Can’t believe the blockages that went away and there has been such an enormous shift in me already." 

(Jacqui Ray)

"I was really seeking clarity and after the 1st attunment I could not believe what an amazing energy came through. It was the first time in months that my mind stopped racing. I was calm, collected. I could fall asleep with ease. The anxiety in my chest ceased– I could breathe. If you're really desperate and your starting to think that there is something wrong with you, you just need to shift your energy which will shift your thoughts, which will shift your life. Give pellowah a go. I tried sleeping tablets. I tried anxiety meds– one day of Pellowah and I was falling asleep with ease."

(Nina Erzen)

"I have learned variety of skills and a more intuitive style of healing which I previously would have ignored."

(Lee Baron)

"Pellowah has already powered up my Reiki healing and I'm excited to practice Pellowah on an everyday basis. I personally feel clearer, more connected and a greater sense of calm which I think makes me a better healer."

(Milja Trueman)

"I felt the higher vibrating energy of Pellowah, suited me better than Reiki, which I rarely feel when I am given a Reiki session. I think it is a great way for people to expand their awareness."

(Jane Smith)

"Working with pellowah has strengthened my ability to really feel the energy I am working with. Unlike reiki where I also have hand positions to guide me, pellowah relies on being guided by my intuition which has allowed me to really focus and tune into that and I am amazed at how strong that became.

"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve on this or even as a first healing modality as it a fairly easy to learn with such a strong result. Jeremy is a great teacher who obviously has great knowledge and his added sense of humour makes the course really enjoyable and comfortable to be a part of."

(Amy Bell)

"Before this course I only had a limited amount of information and skills, now I feel confident enough to use Pellowah as my first healing tool and I look forward to expanding and growing my knowledge in the near future. Completing this weekend has removed any insecurity I had and I've hit the ground running, feeling confident enough to practice straight away.

"I wasn't too sure what to expect but I walked out of both days feeling really fulfilled and happy."

(Sarah Balmer)

"I had started to doubt myself as a healer but I now I feel a renewed confidence in my healing ability as I connected to the Pellowah flow. I love the Chakra and Connection to higher self meditations which allowed me to experience new feelings and a vision for the first time.

"I think it is a great  addition to the subtle energy healing toolbox. It may also help those if they are struggling with their current healing modality and be the key to unlocking the flow within."

(Carolyn Sloman)

"Being the first energy modality I have learnt, learning to be attuned to the energy and allowing it to flow during the healing sessions was a great experience. I also found the meditations very profound and powerful and something I will definitely be using on a regular basis to help connect to my chakras. .

"Was very informative, well structured and lots of hands-on experience too. Finishing the course I feel comfortable in practicing and enhancing my Pellowah.

" I think Pellowah has great healing potential and capabilities for others. Whilst becoming attuned to Pellowah and performing the meditations within the course, I had many profound experiences and what felt like expansion in consciousness. Jeremy also did a great job of teaching the course and keeping our attention and energies high throughout." 

(David Woods)

"I used to use a lot of my own energy when healing, causing my body to become ill. Pellowah healing has enabled me to use a higher energy, which is not mine, and allowed me to heal others without getting sick. It has also heightened my curiosity about the auric field, which adds another level to my ability to "see" that the healing has had an affect on the client. 

"It was a great course. Something unexpected was how Jeremy explained about the affects the healing had, dos and don'ts and general wonderings in a logical fashion. It added another element to understanding energy healing. 

"I would recommend the course to others because of the awesome effects it has on the person receiving it. Also it opened my mind up to how much of an influence our energy field actually has on our lives and the way we function, which is something I hope everyone learns at some point in order to bring more sanity into their daily lives.

(Nipuni Gernhoefer)

"I feel that it has increased my vibrations onto another level and allowed me to actually feel the flow of energy more intensely and to trust it. Since the attunement I have felt more relaxed and not as overwhelmed with other issues. It has also made me more intuitive as I am receiving a lot of images and thoughts. In the past it was not very clear and I would ignore them.

"It [Pellowah] feels very different to me and powerful. I feel more connected to it [than Reiki] and not drained"

(Stephanie Barone)

"Jeremy's courses are always a worthy and comfortable experience. Leaving no doubt that you are learning from a healer with great integrity, experience and enthusiasm for what they are teaching. "

(Marie-Ann Taylor)

"It was wonderful. The content, the people I met, the pre and post course content and if course Jeremy and his light, unique and entertaining manner in which he delivers it. Brilliant! "

(Lou Gee)

"It is a great addition to my journey.Lots of hands-on experience and excellent theory content in a relaxed and fun environment. Jeremy provides his knowledge and wisdom to the practice as well as some personal experiences with stories with snacks and drinks provided.

"If people are wanting to enhance their skills or learn a new healing modality, Pellowah is for you. "

(Kylie Collas)

" Learning Pellowah has improved skills in so many areas, working with the outer energy field of the body, using symbols to connect on a deep level to your own being and from this place using Pellowah to work on others, including plants and animals.

"Along with that it has also helped with clarity on moving with the flow of life. It has also powered up Reiki and the energetic connection with crystals and creativity.

"I was curious with no expectation..but the course was run with ease, humor, spontaneity and in an open-ended professional manner which lends itself beautifully to the freedom of the Pellowah energy.

"Pellowah seems powerful, new, and like a lot of its potential is yet to unfold. It's so exciting!! Pellowah needs little in the way of direction or influence and seems to feel of a very gentle uncomplicated frequency that is very high, the simplicity of it requires a simple approach that encourages "you" to get out of the way, it encourages the natural trust in the unknown to come forward, while at the same time a feeling of being very grounded.  "

(Anna Diamond)

"I feel I have learned how to observe the thoughts that come into my mind better , and learnt how to respond better in situations that used to trigger me prior. Overall , I have better clarity, less brain fog, better energy and more confidence. 

"Pellowah is different to other forms of energy healing I have experienced. Unlike other modalities that can sometimes make me feel a bit depleted after performing a session, Pellowah seems to be able to replenish the depleted energy and charge me up again, which for me is very impressive. Having more energy than when I initially begin sessions is a big thumbs up ! :)  

"I would definitely recommend the course to other fellow healing buddies to used as another helpful tool in their existing practices. "

(Nina Pech)

"Pellowah is lovely to experience and now have in my life I feel more connected to my intuition and my higher self. I experiened Pellowah as a gentle and very light energy that allows you the freedom to explore and play.

" I am grateful to have found such a supportive facilitator to teach this modality that was done in a safe and loving environment. I would recommend this modality to those that want to embody a new and lighter energy into their lives whether it be for personal or professional reasons It is a tool that creates a stiller mind and more peacefulness."

(Sonia Conti)

"I would like to say how incredible learning Pellowah with Jeremy was. I have been curious about Pellowah for a while and have watched Jeremy speak about it online, so I decided that it was time to "just do it" and see for myself.

" This was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy and am so glad I did. He is a very friendly, easy to listen to man, who obviously really knows his stuff.

" I am a Reiki Master & Bowen Therapist but Pellowah has a beauty all of it's own. It is so powerful, yet so simple and I can feel major energy shifts happening already. Do yourself a favour and go along to see for yourself, it's pretty amazing."

(Kerry Louder)

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