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25 Reasons to Do Pellowah

25 Reasons to Learn Pellowah

  1. High-vibrational feelings. Typically speaking, the higher the energy vibration you connect to, the greater the feeling of wellbeing. Pellowah is an exceptionally high-vibrational healing method, so working with it will almost always have a positive impact on your mood.
  2. Improved clarity. Everyone can do with greater clarity, particularly when it relates to our life purpose and the actions we should be taking on a day-to-day basis. Pellowah students regularly find that everything just ‘falls into place’ after a course, that they suddenly know not just what they should be doing with their life but, better still, have the energy and focus to do it!
  3. Emotional Healing. We all carry baggage from the past. For some, this baggage is heavier than for others, but everyone has it. Pellowah will help you move beyond your ‘stuff’ and, unlike most healing methods, it will almost always help you do so without the need for healing crises! It does this principally by expanding your connection to your Higher Self, thus making your past ‘stuff’ suddenly seem insignificant.
  4. Better vitality. The more chi you have, the greater your vitality. Pellowah taps directly into Source to dramatically improve your chi levels.
  5. Clears your meridians. By clearing the energy channels in your body (i.e. your meridians), your body can better heal itself and operate at peak performance levels. A lot of our problems in life stem from ‘blocked’ energy. Pellowah works rapidly to unblock this stuck energy, thus improving your wellbeing.
  6. Heals your aura. It is said that all illness originates in the aura and then, only later on, manifests in the body. Pellowah energy works directly on the aura, thus healing many issues even before they become physical. What’s more, when the aura is healthy, the physical body will soon follow suit.
  7. Improves Reiki. One thing almost every Reiki practitioner who studies Pellowah says is that it improves their Reiki. Typically, they have greater energetic sensitivity and a stronger energy flow.
  8. Improves intuition. By connecting you more fully with your Higher Self, Pellowah effortlessly improves your intuition.
  9. Improves alternative healing modalities. Whether you study massage, Reiki, Qigong T’ai chi or another alternative healing modality, Pellowah will improve it. By expanding your awareness and connection to your Higher Self, you become more in tune with all the other energy work that you do.
  10. Powerful symbols. Pellowah has a number of unique and powerful symbols that you can use at any time. These symbols will help you to do things like neutralize negative energy, expand your auric field while still keeping it protected, align your chakras and much more.
  11. Meditations. Pellowah teaches you many meditations, including ones that help you balance mind / body / spirit and strengthen your chakras.
  12. Helps connects you to 12-strand DNA. Pellowah was originally designed solely to help expand awareness. As a result, it helps you connect to more of your inner potential, including your 12-strand DNA.
  13. Helps connect you to your Higher Self. The key role of level 2 Pellowah is to help connect you to your Higher Self. The stronger this connection grows, the more clarity and purpose you will have in your life.
  14. Improves your ability to channel energy. By expanding your awareness, Pellowah will enhance your ability to channel both greater amounts of energy and more varied types it.
  15. Create your own symbol. In the Pellowah 2 course, you not only learn many original Pellowah symbols, you will also learn to channel in your own personal symbol. You can then use this symbol for both healing work and personal meditation.
  16. Learn to heal others. Perhaps the main reason most people learn Pellowah is the ability it gives them to heal others. Due to its unique healing frequency, Pellowah energy will often give you great results, even where other healing methods struggle.
  17. Heal chronic conditions. Pellowah works at the level of the mind, thus changing unconscious mental patterns that typically hold us back. Once these old ‘mental’ patterns are removed, then exciting healing results often take place – even with issues have been long-standing.
  18. Transcend personal history. Many people are held back by their past. Pellowah helps you to expand your awareness and move beyond past conditioning and mental / emotional scarring.
  19. Connect to your light body. Pellowah helps you activate your personal merkabah (‘light body’).   
  20. Strengthen your chakras. Many of the Pellowah course meditations are designed to balance and strengthen your chakras. This typically leads to increased health, vitality and a stronger connection to chi.
  21. Better emotional balance. By ‘upgrading’ our unconscious programming, Pellowah students often report improved emotional balance and wellbeing.  
  22. Improved optimism / inner belief. By expanding both your awareness and energy levels, Pellowah helps you to be more optimistic. Since like attracts like, people usually find many aspects of their life improve as a result.
  23. Improves energetic sensitivity. Pellowah will greatly improve your energetic sensitivity. This will enhance the subtlety and effectiveness of any healing work that you do.  
  24. Pellowah is attunement based.Like Reiki, Pellowah is activated through an attunement. As a result, students connect strongly to Pellowah energy on the very first day they learn it.
  25. Expands your healing range. Pellowah helps you tap into a vastly expanded range of healing energies. As a result, your healing work will be effective on a greater range of conditions and issues.

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Pellowah Video Portal

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All videos are short, clear and designed to give you maximum information in minimum time.

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